About Creativity



Building a beautiful New World. We CREATORS are builders. We are dedicated to the idea of building a beautiful world so different and so superior to the present one that we CREATORS of this generation will go down in history as the revolutionaries who ushered in the Golden Age of Mankind.

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. This, in one simple phrase sums up the heart of our program. That is why we call CREATIVITY a four dimensional religion.

Far-reaching. Whereas this all may sound simple, in its ramifications our program is so far-reaching, so thorough and so revolutionary that its full implications will not be totally comprehended for some time to come.

Whereas the idea of a sound mind in a sound body was already entertained in the philosophy of the Ancient Greeks, we are rounding out that basic idea into including a sound society, a sound race and a healthful world environment on this Planet Earth. This sum total embodies the whole philosophy as the basic dogma of our religion. Furthermore, our thinking in all matters is on a global scale and embraces the whole Planet Earth.

Our Golden Rule. Whereas we are tremendously proud of the accomplishments of the White Race throughout the span of history and civilization, we are not particularly proud of the cowardly and idiotic position the present generation has allowed itself to degenerate into. Nevertheless, the White Race is Nature’s Elite, the highest living creature it has produced in all the eons of time. We CREATORS, being members of this Elite, are supremely interested in the welfare and the future for the White Race. We are interested in saving the White Race not so much for what it is today, but what its brilliant future potential can be if it will proceed on a deliberate program of upbreeding itself and improving its world. Our program and our creed are designed to promote those best interests of the White Race so that it can achieve the tremendous potential that is its true destiny. Therefore the heart of our creed is this: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is the bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. We call this our Golden Rule, and have emphasized this basic creed several times in our first book, NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

Resurrection and Redemption of the White Race. The White Man is tremendously creative. He is the greatest builder the world has ever known. He is the builder of the world civilizations and world empires. Unfettered and unhampered, what the White Race can accomplish collectively when properly organized is truly phenomenal and earthshaking. It is the goal of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to develop and bring about this tremendous potential. Bringing out this prodigious potential is what we mean by the resurrection and redemption of the White Race. Our supreme goal is advancing the best interests of the White Race. No cost is too high, no struggle too hard. We gladly intend to pay the price to accomplish this noble goal, whatever the price.

A World Revolution brewing. Whether we like it or not (and we CREATORS accept it) a far reaching revolution is now in the making. Whether we like it or not, the impending upheaval is going to turn upside down the immediate affairs of mankind completely and irrevocably. The coming revolution is either going to totally degenerate mankind into a horde of miserable misfits, or could usher in the beautiful Golden Age of the Superman and a brilliant future beyond. We CREATORS are riding the wave of the future, and by foreseeing and planning that future we are determined to help mold it in such a way that we, our children and future generations can look forward to a Whiter and Brighter World of such magnificence as to stagger the imagination.

The Future World we intend to build. Briefly, here are just a few of the broad outlines of the better world we are determined to build.

A Brighter World of beautiful, healthy people. A world without cancer. A world without heart disease. A world in which there will be much more emphasis placed on building health rather than curing disease, and in which excellent health will be the norm rather than the exception. This we intend to accomplish by a program we call Salubrious Living. We will have several chapters on this subject. We foresee a future world in which the intelligence of the average individual will be significantly raised in each ensuing generation. A world free of insane asylums, idiots, or morons. A clean world in which there will be very little pollution of the environment. A world virtually free of crime in which any man, woman or child can walk any time of day or night without fear of assault; a world of law and order; a world free of poverty; a world in which every person will be creatively and gainfully employed, in one way or another during their total lifetime, a lifetime that will be prolonged beyond that of the present world. However, let me quickly emphasize we are not nearly as much interested in prolonging life as increasing the individual’s health and quality of life as long as it lasts. Longer life is only a secondary benefit as a result of superior well-being.

Racial problems solved. The future world as we envision it, will have no racial problems, no language barriers and no fratricidal wars. It will be well fed, but will have no problems of over-population or crowding. Nor will it have scarcities of food, energy supplies or resources. There will be abundance for all. A happy, affluent and well rounded life will be within easy reach for everyone.

Superstitions gone. We see a world in which superstition, fear of hell, and “spooks in the skies” will be buried with the superstitions of our barbarian ancestors. No longer will superstition be exploited for profit by con-artists to torment and dominate the minds of the gullible. We look forward to a world where a man and woman can join in raising a family of fine, beautiful, healthy, intelligent children in economic security. They will have the guaranteed prospects of a stable future world in which they can expect that their children, too, can look forward to having that same opportunity when they grow up.

Bringing Dreams to Reality. This is the future world of Creativity that we envision. A tall order, you say? Fantastic? An impossible Utopia only contemplated by dreamers? Perhaps. But we not only envision it, we are determined to do our best to bring it into being. We are not merely dreamy visionaries, but on the contrary, we have the specific plans, realistic programs and a militant creed to bring it about. You are part of that program, my dear White Racial Comrade. With your help we not only can do it, we must do it and we will do it. It is our religion, our faith, our reason for being. Just stay with us to the very last page and the very last word of this, the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE, and you will learn how it will be done, and why it must be done, and how you can be a major participant in history’s most exciting and creative enterprise.

* * * * *

Today’s World in Upheaval. We have already stated that a drastic revolution of the whole world is now in the making, a revolution not of our doing. The trouble with most revolutions in history has been that usually they have been highly destructive, and left an aftermath of death, destruction and anarchy. It is to prevent such a major catastrophe from happening to your children and mine, and their future descendants, that the hopes and plans of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR have evolved. It is a religious program such as the White Race has never before imagined in all its brilliant but tragic history for the last 6000 years.

Sick World. If we look at the world of today in the last quarter of the 20th century we find it is a very sick world. It is bodily sick, mentally sick, spiritually sick, socially sick, economically sick. It is racially and eugenically sick. Not only is it sick in all these aspects, but it is seemingly getting worse each year with no visible solution in sight. This is especially so in the “civilized” portion, which basically encompasses the White Race.

Bodily Sick. Cancer is now the number one killer not only of adults, but also of children. Heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases are killing more people than ever before at an alarmingly increasing rate, with no visible solution in sight. Hospital and medical costs are spiraling at an impossible rate and no one knows where it will all end. People are swallowing billions of pills and ingesting poisonous drugs at a rate never contemplated before, but they are not getting healthier, they are getting sicker. Mental hospitals and insane asylums are overcrowded and burgeoning as never before in history. People, as we have said, are sick in mind, in body, and in spirit, and getting sicker.

Failure of Medical Science. “Accepted”, “orthodox medical method” have not been solving the problem. In fact, as we shall show later, they have been compounding the problem and making it worse.

But do not despair. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR have a thorough and total solution. It is well worth your while to hear us out to the very end, and then dedicate yourself to bring about the Golden Age we mentioned earlier. Just keep an open mind and read on. And above all, think.

Economically sick. Let us now look further at the problem. We said the world is also sick economically, and getting sicker. Let us now look at America in particular, which at this point in time is still the richest, most affluent country in the world and still the dream and hope of all the backward mud peoples of the world. Not only is it still the hope and envy of the world, but through its largesse, it is now (foolishly) subsidizing over one hundred and twenty other countries and helping (a) to compound the population explosion of the backward mud races, and (b) wrecking and mortgaging its own future into bankruptcy. But although it is No.1, in America, as in the rest of the world, the economy is sick, sick, sick, and getting sicker. Our national debt is skyrocketing into astronomical figures. That increase is not stabilizing, but on the contrary, accelerating at an impossible rate that can only spell economical collapse and a worthless currency. Unemployment and welfare rolls are growing at a rate that can’t go on. This is further exacerbated by a treacherous government which encourages the parasites and freeloaders to increase and multiply by making it easier, and in some cases, (especially among the blacks) more profitable to breed and not work. Our fuel shortages are becoming more acute, and our dependence on imports from hostile foreign sources is increasing dramatically each year. Prices and inflation are rising and no end is in sight.

We could quote reams and pages of statistics, but they would be out of date long before this book is published. It is our objective here not to dwell on such but to state as briefly as possible a situation that exists. It is a situation of which you are undoubtedly already acutely aware, and it is this — that the economy of America and the rest of the world is sick — and getting sicker every year. In fact, a third of the world is already starving while the population keeps exploding beyond the four billion mark and still doubling at ever increasingly shorter intervals. It cannot go on this way much longer. There is already the rumble of a world upheaval and it is coming as surely as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning.

Educationally sick. If we next look at the field of education we find that never in our history were our schools, colleges and universities in such a state of turmoil as they are today. With the Supreme Court and our alien government establishment enforcing a tyrannical program of school busing and forced integration of the races as a whole, our total educational program is in a shambles. Instead of schools being a serene place where children may learn the finer things in life and prepare themselves for a better future, our schools have become cesspools of strife, crime, narcotics and in general, a compulsory compound of misery for both teacher and pupil. From the parents’ point of view, they have become mandatory prisons to which they are forced to send their children five days a week at a tremendous and ever increasing expense. At such state controlled prisons they can expect their children to learn very little that is either good or useful, but know their children will be introduced to crime, drugs, foul language and an ever increasing horde of hostile and semi-savage niggers.

Colleges ruinous to our Young People, expensive to Parents. On the college and university level, parents can expect to pay for a program of miseducation that will bankrupt them over a period of four to eight years. What can they expect their now grown children to learn at college? For one thing, their children will be subjected to a massive brain pollution program of race mixing. Their receptive, but not too discriminatory young minds will be told over and over that they should mix with the niggers, intermarry with the niggers. They will be told that the niggers are not only equal to the White Race, but in many ways superior. They will be told to be ashamed of their proud and glorious White heritage and be saddled with a tremendous guilt complex, since it will be hammered into them time and again that the White Race is responsible for all the wrongs of the world, and that the niggers and the mud races are the “emerging” heroes. They will be taught to hate their parents, to hate their White heritage, and to hate their own race. They will be told that the ideas, manners, modes, customs and traditions of their parents and ancestors are old fashioned, behind the times and heap scorn and derision upon them. In short, they will be taught to love the Jews, niggers and to hate their own precious White Race.

Moral codes destroyed. But this not the end of the damage the parents can expect, when, at a tremendous sacrifice they send their offspring to college. They can expect that the moral codes in which they nurtured their children [for] a lifetime will be badly battered, if not broken and discarded altogether. They can expect their personal habits and appearance to degenerate towards that of the long haired hippie, the ultimate slob. They can expect that their offspring will most certainly be introduced to the use of drugs, with chances high that they will succumb to drug addiction and be ruined for the rest of their life.

The parents can expect that a good percentage will graduate from college without even being able to properly read, write or speak the English language.

Exorbitant price. For all this the parents will pay a tremendous price in economic hardship, emotional stress and strain, and in damage to their most precious possessions — their children.

Truly, education today is extremely malignant and getting more so all the time. Again, “orthodox” “accepted” approaches have not solved the problem. On the contrary, they have compounded the problem and made it worse.

Eugenics and Dysgenics. Alarming as the aforesaid sicknesses may be (and it is considerable), the most vicious, permanent damage of all is being heaped upon us, the White Race, in the area of race and genetics. If the present trend continues, the White Race, Nature’s highest creation, will be biologically wiped out and exterminated in another one or two generations. We have been told over and over about the tremendous population explosion that is now going on. But the most significant factor that has been conspiratorially kept from us is this: while the mud races are exploding by leaps and bounds, the White Race is not only shrinking rapidly, but being mongrelized into extinction. In the meantime, the niggers, the Mexicans, the Hindus, the Chinese, the Indonesians, the mixed breeds of South America, and hundreds of other mongrelized species of mud races are expanding at a fantastic rate, a rate never before witnessed in history.

Explosion of the Mud Races. And why are the mud races suddenly exploding? Because of the White Man’s benevolent policies of subsidizing them with food, with medical technology, industrial technology, and outright aids of money, grants and gifts, all these at the expense of the White Race, all to the detriment of the White Race and to the benefit of the rapidly expanding mud races. As we will see later, such idiotic policies are spelling the suicide of the White Race and the proliferation of the subnormal mud races. The consequence of such a suicidal policy will be the breakdown of civilization and a world of starving, clawing mud-races, a world of chaos, hunger and anarchy. A foreshadowing of such a world can already be seen in a stark outline in many places in the world today for anybody that cares to look with their eyes open. A few examples are Haiti, India, the former Belgian Congo where the White Man was driven out by the treachery of his own (Jewish) government in Belgium, just to name a few. In general, all of Africa north of Rhodesia and South Africa is seething with anarchy, hunger and racial degeneration. Even South Africa and Rhodesia are doomed to collapse and return to the jungle, if the present insane course is pursued. At this writing Rhodesia, aided by treachery from within, from England and the United States on the outside, has already been taken over for the niggers.

Steady Genetic Degeneration. There is one more factor that must be mentioned in the racial degeneration of mankind as a whole and the White Race in particular. Even in the White Race itself there is a steady attrition and degeneration of the genetic health of the race. Even among those of the White Race that haven’t been contaminated by race-mixing with the mud races, the genetic pool is degenerating and going down hill. Why? Because of the insane policies we have been accepting in medicine, in politics, in education and especially in religion.

So now we come to the crux of the problem. The world is malignant in all the prime areas we have mentioned because basically our thinking has been, and still is, sick. The mind of the White Man has become extremely malignant and in fact, suicidal.

Sick Minds the Crux of the Problem. We will now state a basic premise which we will repeat and emphasize again and again throughout this book: most of our problems originate in the mind. All solutions to those problems also originate in the mind.

Remember that we stated right in the beginning that our prime objective is: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. Only if we treat the whole we will be able to solve our multitude of problems. In so doing, we CREATORS contend that we have to start with the mind. We have to first of all straighten out our thinking and bring our minds into the area of health and sanity. Before we can do this we have to cleanse the mind of the pollution and contamination that now paralyze and becloud its thinking. Until we do so, we are unable to think logically. For example, in the centuries before Columbus, almost all the people believed that the earth was flat. Until that erroneous idea was purged from their minds, the idea that the world is round could not be entertained in the same brain. And until the idea that the world was round was universally accepted, little progress could be made in navigation, exploration, discovery and further expansion of the White Man’s horizons.

Clogged with Suicidal Ideas. Similarly in the field of race, religion and eugenics, as long as our minds are cluttered with a mass of sick and suicidal ideas, ideas that are basically false, little if any progress can be made in those areas, areas that are most vital for the survival of the White Race and civilization itself. Again, we emphasize that the “accepted” and “orthodox” ideas about race and religion have not solved the problem. On the contrary, they have confused and compounded the problem and are the very cause of it.

Detoxification of the White Man’s Mind. It is one of the purposes of this book to first of all decontaminate the White Man of all the garbage, rubbish and poison that has accumulated in his mind due to the sick religion and sick education with which his mind has been indoctrinated over the many millenniums. It is then our purpose to replace those ideas with healthy, constructive and creative thinking, ideas that are based on the ultimate of all truths: the eternal and unchanging Laws of Nature.

Our Four Dimensional Religion. We have said that our goal is the building of a bright and beautiful world by achieving a Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. We have also said that the real place to start is with the mind. However, in order to do so we are going to go about it in a roundabout way and start in the middle — namely how we can achieve a sound body.

Poisonous Drugs basis of modern “Medicine”. We all want to have a sound, healthy body, don’t we? We want to have a body free of cancer, free of heart disease, free of most of the degenerative diseases that plague “modern” civilization, don’t we? In the first part of this book we will explain and explore how this is already possible without the use of drugs, surgery or radiation, in short, without their “orthodox” program of “cut, burn and poison” that modern medicine is so fond of using as a “cure”. We also expose how the American Medical Association (A.M.A.), the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.), and American Cancer Society (A.C.S.) and a host of their auxiliaries, in collusion with the Jew-controlled news media have for years joined in a vicious conspiratorial campaign to suppress all such information from either reaching you, or discrediting it if you should accidentally stumble onto it.

Salubrious Living — our Health Philosophy. In the first part of this book we will have a number of chapters not only on the subject of health, but also on the related subject, a clean and salubrious environment. The two together and are an integral part of our philosophy for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. We call this, our philosophy of total health, Salubrious Living.

But before we go into CREATIVITY’S philosophy of Salubrious Living and super health, I want to devote the next two chapters in first laying down a few fundamental principles derived from Nature concerning all life. This will be our point of departure for many more such principles later.

For further information, please read these two short summaries to learn more about what Creativity is about:

Creativity – An Idea Whose Time Has Come
By Rev. Ben Klassen, Founder of Creativity

FINALLY, A meaningful, comprehensive Racial Religion for the White Race.

After at least 60 centuries of wallowing in confused bedlam, at last there is now light at the end of the tunnel for the White Race. After 60 centuries, finally, for the first time in its history the White Race has a genuine racial religion of its own. That religion is CREATIVITY, and the Church of the Creator is both humble and proud to lead the way. It is our resolute determination to polarize the White Race, to build a powerful army of aroused, determined White racial partisans whose unswerving goal is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. We are now committed, come hell or high water, to build such a movement into a powerful battering ram that will sweep all enemies of the White Race before us – be they Jews, Christians or mud peoples. Organized, informed and aroused, the White Race is easily ten times more powerful than all its enemies combined.

There is a saying that nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come. For our race CREATIVITY is that idea – an idea more vital and dynamic than any the White Race has ever entertained in all of its long and tumultuous history. And it is about time. Another generation or two of the present Jew-induced madness and the White Race will be finished. It will be gone forever. It will voluntarily have aided its enemies by committing suicide.

The problem which the White Man has in gaining control of his own destiny is two fold: (a) the confused thinking of the White Race itself, and (b) the massive dose of Jewish propaganda the Jew slops daily on the brains of the White Race. The Jews are well advanced along the road to total world domination. Their greatest goal is the complete takeover of America, the last predominantly White stronghold on earth. In the twentieth century, our position in our American homeland has been steadily and increasingly undermined. Already the Zionist enemy controls our government, financial institutions, news media and schools, keys to complete political and military domination. The brain-polluted White Race has fallen into the trap, thanks to the television, that electronic Jew Jack-in-the-box that has done so much to destroy the thinking process of the White Race.

It is the goal, the burden, and the glorious privilege of The Church of the Creator to lead the White Race back to sanity, to direct it on a course back to strength and virility, to lead it on to its own salvation and resurrection. It is our resolute determination to get the parasitic Jew off our back one way or another, once and for all, and we mean to do so completely before the end of this century. We intend to get all the parasites off the back and the brain of the White Man and again firmly wrest control of our own destiny back into the hands of our own race. This we mean to do and this we will do, because we must. It is a matter of life and death, a matter of do or die. It is a battle in which, like it or not, you, my dear White Racial Comrade, are a participant.

Let me here remind my White Racial Comrades that the White Race, the pinnacle of Nature’s creation, has ample resources with which to do the job. Although the Jews, the niggers and the rapidly exploding mud races now outnumber us in a ratio of 12 to I, though they are deadly hostile, they arc, nevertheless, not the real problem. The real problem is the confused and suicidal thinking of the White Race itself. I can’t emphasize this point strongly enough. The problem is in our minds. Bluntly, our thinking is all screwed up. We Creators contend that this sorry state of affairs began when the Jew fed Asiatic Christianity to the Romans and finally conquered all of Europe by means of this suicidal Jewish mind-scrambler. Whether we are right or wrong in pinpointing the cause might be debatable. The fact remains that the White Man’s thinking has at this stage of the twentieth century degenerated into a morass of suicidal insanity. About that there can hardly be any doubt.

This being so, the first order of business as far as The Church of the Creator is concerned is to straighten out the White Man’s confused, polyglot thinking. It is our goal and program to bring the White Man back to sanity, back to health, back to the Eternal Laws of Nature. Once we have achieved that much, the battle for all intents and purposes, is over.

The Church of the Creator now has the tools with which to do the job. In our three basic books. NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE and SALUBRIOUS LIVING is spelled out loud and clear the goal, the means and the program. These three books are the sacred scriptures of our religion. They lay down the foundation and the cornerstones of our four dimensional religion – A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. Therein you have the whole ball of wax – the total creed, the total program.

We now also have a beautiful new three-story building in which to center our activities. We have a meeting hall, a library, a number of offices, a large basement for storage and a number of other facilities, not to mention ample acreage for future expansion. We call our new building the World Creativity Center. We now have a geographic base, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. As Hitler has succinctly pointed out, a geographic “home” is extremely important for the growth and polarization of any ideology.

We now also have a paper with which to inform and contact our supporters and spread our ever growing base. As you have noted from the masthead, we call it RACIAL LOYALTY, a basic tenet of our creed.

So we are now on our way. We are determined that nothing, but nothing, is going to stop the regeneration, salvation and resurrection of the most precious treasure on the face of the earth – The White Race. Now, we need you, White Man and White Woman who are reading this, to do your part.

What can you do? Well, if you have never heard of The Church of the Creator until now, the first thing you can do is to avail yourself of our three basic books. In them is spelled out the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION, the ULTIMATE CREED for the WHITE RACE. Read them, study them intensively, then go to work. Become a militant, aggressive White Partisan – a partisan for the White Race.

Next, become a mini-distribution center for the White Man’s Bibles. Sell, loan out, give away, as many copies each week as possible. You and your progeny will be well rewarded for your efforts. Your reward will be the survival of yourself, your family, and your race. Next, order a hundred copies of Racial Loyalty papers and distribute it to any and all of your (White) contacts that are receptive to reading it. Your are thereby planting seeds, the future ramifications of which are unpredictable and incalculable.

Next, you can organize a church group – a very vital program for which we offer guidelines in the Racial Loyalty newspapers.
It is our goal to build a communications network within the White Race that is second to none. It is our initial goal to place 10 million copies of our White Man’s Bibles In the hands of our White Racial Comrades. Once we have done that much we are over the hump and well on our way to winning the world as the White Man did in The Winning of the West in the 19th century.

In participation in this noble endeavor, you, too, become part of the movement, a Creator, the Elite of the White Race. In so doing, you will be dedicated to a cause that is greater than yourself – a cause that transcends all others.

In pursuit of this great cause let us be fearless and tenacious. Let us be deliberate and determined. Let us look the world straight in the eye – Jews, Christians, niggers and all – and say – world, whether you are ready or not – here we come and you better get used to the idea. Never again will the White Man tolerate being confused, defused and abused. No longer will the White Race sit idly by and allow itself to be looted and polluted, robbed and massacred. We now have a genuine White racial religion around which we can polarize and unite. We now have a racial religion to lead the way for the White Race in order to build a Whiter and Brighter world. CREATIVITY is now on its way and it is here to stay. It is the most powerful and dynamic idea in the White Man’s tumultuous history and now its time has come.

* * * * *
The Church of the Creator: An Island of Hope and Sanity in a World gone stark raving mad!
* * * * *
Propagandize! Proselytize! Organize!

What is Creativity All About?
By Rev. Matt Hale

After six thousand years of recorded history, our people finally have a religion of, for, and by, them. CREATIVITY is that religion. It is established for the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of our White Race exclusively. Indeed, we believe that what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

We Have come to hold these views by observing the Eternal Laws of Nature, by studying History, and by using the Logic and Common Sense everyone is born with: the highest Law of Nature is the survival of one’s own kind; history has shown us that the White Race is responsible for all that which we call progress on this earth; and that it is therefore logical and sensible to place supreme importance upon Race and to reject all ideas which fail to do so. No species on earth besides the currently misguided White people willingly aid other species at its own expense.

Our people have faced threats throughout history, but never before have our people faced as grave a threat as it is facing today. Today, our people’s very continued biological existence on this planet is in doubt. In 1920 for example, one out of every three people on this planet were White.. If present trends continue, one can only imagine what the complexion of the world will be like in another one hundred years.

How did this calamity come about? It came about because of our people’s skewed thinking. Our people have thus far been concerned with every issue besides the issue of their own survival. We have subsidized those not of our own kind at our expense, causing their numbers to soar, while at the same time, White people have scaled back the size of their families, either out of selfishness or because of low-paying salaries and exorbitant taxes. We have divided ourselves into all kinds of organizations and causes, none of whom address the most basic issue: Will White children have a future? With CREATIVITY, this is the issue, and all other issues revolve around it.

Our people everywhere are beginning to embrace the dynamic and inspiring creed and program of CREATIVITY. White people everywhere are beginning to put aside their past differences and divisions and are coming together as one people for their best interests. More and more of our people are beginning to realize that if White people do not look out for their own future, no other people will. As a result, our churches are sprouting up all over the world, our ministers preaching the word of White unity and our members zealously spreading the word to you, our fellow White people. We hope that after reading this, you will decide to obtain more information, will consequently decide to become a Creator, and will decide to join us in this historic struggle.

I call upon you to join with us today, to do what is right for your family and for your extended family – your Race. If you act, you will be ensuring a future of beauty and happiness; if you do not, there will be a future of darkness and sadness. We have the capability to make sure that every child has a smile on his or her face.

Let’s not miss the moment. Generations yet unborn are counting on you.

CREATIVITY is a LEGALLY RECOGNISED Professional, Non-Violent, Progressive Pro-White Religion for White people, by White people. We object to amongst other things, Christianity, multiculturalism and Marxism. Creators do not believe in gods or devils, an after-life, heaven or hell. WE BELIEVE in maintaining a balance with nature while keeping a Sound mind, in a Sound Body, in a Sound Society, in a Sound Environment. Our church collectively is called the Church of the Creator, and your local group is called the Blue Water Primary Group.

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