Cold Hard Truth and Facts

When it comes to changing other people’s beliefs, truth is, you can’t. Beliefs are built upon other beliefs going up like a spiral. Obviously if a person believes this or that is so, then that leads to other beliefs and ideas which stem from the original belief. The central belief acts as the cement which holds all the other beliefs together. Our cause in aiding in the best interests of our race and it’s survival under the sun is a noble one, we believe, and we are convinced that the information below is wholly accurate or else we wouldn’t be posting it. Some of it may shock you. The cold hard truth is truly a smack on the face to some. Always know that we are doing this because we care. Ask yourself, are we on our way up or on our way down? Knowledge is power if used the right way, and ideology without action is sterile. As Thomas Jefferson said, “There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world.” Something is either true or it is false, if not false then true and vice versa. The foremost and toughest battle in our Rahowa (our war for survival) is straightening out our people’s confused and befuddled thinking. There are a lot of false notions harbored in the minds of our beloved people that need to be cleared up, and consider this page a service to the community. 🙂

“Jews, while being the loudest in denouncing racism, are yet the most fanatical racists themselves”-Ben Klassen, Founder of Creativity

Jews may not be a singular race per se, but they are a people, and they are firmly dedicated to Jewish interests. Why would they not, we have no bones with that, just the ironic hypocrisy manifested when we the members of the breed of man known as the White Race try to assert our interests, in which we have every moral right as well as a holy duty, our religion teaches, just as the Jewish religion teaches for the Jews that they must assert their rights and marry Jewish. All that being a racist amounts to is being for the best interests of one’s own people. Read more here.

A somewhat comical video confronting the much-touted claim.

Click the image above to read chapter one of Nature’s Eternal Religion, and read more about a fundamental law of Nature.

Interesting fact: There are nearly 20,000  known species of the Bee divided into seven to nine recognized families.
Why isn’t there just one species of Bee? It is not part of the plan of Nature, which divides and creates the competition! 🙂

We are part of this cause, motivated by love. Don’t listen to their hate, don’t listen to them screaming at you repeating phrases and words they heard. We know we are right. The most holy cause for you to be part of is the preservation of your very own race, and finally after 6,000 years we have a religion that looks out for us! Heck yeah! 🙂

Shiksa of course is a very derogatory word for non-Jewish girls, and Goyim refers to cattle.

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