3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Wayne,

    Great site! Did you do this yourself? It looks like it was laid out professionally. “Primary Group” is a title you made up to distinguish yourself from The Creativity Movement, right? Great job on the activism.


  2. Great job! I’ve got a comrade up in Toronto, Ontario that is a creator check out his website http://creativitymovementtoronto.blogspot.ca/

    Check him out. His name is Wes, hope you get in touch with him. He can be reached at torontocreator@hotmail.com

    Hope you two get in contact. I’ll be reading this blog and bookmarking your site, Thanks again for your fine work!

    I know that Harold and Ben had their issues, but I wanted to note that The Butler Plan is a great idea and that the Northwest Imperative is the best option for our people in order preserve our race on this continent. http://www.northwestfront.org/ Harold will be happy to answer any of your quesitons nwnet@earthlink.net

    Hail Matt Hale!


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