Visit the main Creativity Movement website at


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Wayne,

    Great site! Did you do this yourself? It looks like it was laid out professionally. “Primary Group” is a title you made up to distinguish yourself from The Creativity Movement, right? Great job on the activism.


  2. Great job! I’ve got a comrade up in Toronto, Ontario that is a creator check out his website

    Check him out. His name is Wes, hope you get in touch with him. He can be reached at

    Hope you two get in contact. I’ll be reading this blog and bookmarking your site, Thanks again for your fine work!

    I know that Harold and Ben had their issues, but I wanted to note that The Butler Plan is a great idea and that the Northwest Imperative is the best option for our people in order preserve our race on this continent. Harold will be happy to answer any of your quesitons

    Hail Matt Hale!


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