Creator Youth

~Adulescentia Est Tempus Discendi!~
Hey, thanks for coming to this page. Below you will find stuff for the younger audience.

Click HERE to be taken to Creator Kids portal hosted by the Creativity Alliance.

Ben Klassen, the founder of our religion gives advice to young adults here: http:/

Awesome cartoon that looks at history from a different view and locates and esposes fallacies that are held and arguments used against pro-White people.

Creator youth are against smoking, drinking and the use of drugs and are taught to keep their bodies in the best of health. Copy and paste the following link to learn more about what “Straight Edge” is all about:
Creators try to maintain a force of positivity wherever they are serving as representatives of their religion.

Its A Must Read For Youth!
This story is an absolute must read for teens and college students.
Click here!__________________________________________________________________________________________________

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