Holidays and Sacraments


*Creativity has several holidays celebrated by Creators worldwide.
*Creators have our own religious calendar
*The Creativity religion has four main “sacramental rites”

*Certain exceptions and additions to holiday customs apply based on regional variation***

The Holy Days of Creativity…

In Australia***: South Victory Day, January 26: Commemorates the White conquest of the Australian continent in 185 PC.

Klassen Day, February 20th: The anniversary of our Founder Ben Klassen’s birth which occurred in 55 PC.

Founding Day, February 21st: Anniversary of the publication of Nature’s Eternal Religion and the founding of our religious movement as the Church of the Creator in (now referred to as The Creativity Movement) in the year of Incepto de Creativitat or IC.

Foundation Day/Rahowa Day, March 20th: Anniversary of the foundation of the old World Center at Otto, North Carolina in 9 AC.

Kozel Day (Martyrs Day), September 15: Remembrance day for Reverend Brian Kozel, Creator martyr murdered in 17AC, as well as other martyrs of our faith.

Festum Album is an optional week-long celebration based on White Racial Pride that runs from December 26th to January 1st.

West Victory Day, December 29th: Commemorates the White victory over the last organized “Native American” resistance in 1890 CE (83 PC).

Taking the time to acknowledge these Holy Days not only is a great time to promote Creativity and bond with fellow White Racial Comrades but is a great time to reflect upon our Creed and Program, the history of our Church and most importantly, our Race.

A quick explanation of the Creativity date system… The founding of our religion in 1973 CE is titled Incepto de Creativitat or IC, this is the equivalent of the year “0.” The years preceding IC, are known as Prius Creativitat (Before Creativity). The years following the founding of Creativity are known as Anno de Creativitat (Years of Creativity). For example, the current year of 2015 CE is known by Creators as 42 AC or the 42nd year of Creativity.

A sacrament is a sacred rite recognized as of particular importance and significance. Creativity has four such rites. The first is the Creator wedding. Second is the pledging to raise a child as a Creator. Third is confirmation as a Creator when a teen reaches his or her 13th birthday. The fourth is the saying of goodbyes to departed brethren ceremony.

The names of the four sacramental rites are:
+ Carimoni Nuptiae Creatora (Wedding Ceremony),

+Carimoni Fidem Obligari (Pledging Ceremony)

+Carimoni Confimationis (Confirmation Ceremony)

+Memoria Celebritas (Sayings of Goodbye to Departed Brethren Ceremony).

Our particular congregation also adheres to the Wheel of the Year, celebrating the Summer and Winter Solstices, and the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes.



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