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Is Religion Evil or Beneficial?
And the Futility of the ‘Humanist’
(Social Marxist) Atheist Movement

I am sure most of you will be familiar with the many so-called ‘militant atheists’ that seem to be overly represented on the Internet. From hundreds of websites to blogs, and especially on video sites such as YouTube, these activists are tireless in promoting the message that ‘religion is evil’, barbaric, a throwback to the stone age.

You most probably have an image in your mind as to what these people are like. The type that just love to shout and holler about the stupidity and ludicrousness of ‘creationism’, religion, and how such gullible believers in the supernatural need to extricate themselves from delusion and embrace science and ‘reason’.

They also boast that atheists are ‘winning the battle’ against the ‘religious crazies’. All well and good you might think… that is, until you learn of the less than savoury agendas that these people are often trying to push. Such as homosexuality and other sexual deviancy that the vast majority of us are repulsed by.

So, is all religion the heinous force that these people claim it is? And are the secular humanists of the ‘godless movement’ truly winning the battle in their ‘war on god’?

Only recently, on the 24th March 2012, there was an event held in Washington D.C., which went by the provocative title of the ‘Reason Rally’. I assume this choice of title is meant to send a message to those who may not agree with these paragons of enlightenment – agree with us or you are ‘unreasonable’. How about that to rub you up the wrong way?

The gathering featured some of the most prominent, ‘leading atheists’ from around the world (an ‘all-star, international line-up’, as a certain Internet activist, Mr. Philip (Thunderf00t) Mason, put it) who were to give godless sermons to a crowd of (so they claim) around 20,000 of their most dedicated fellow heretics, howling about the evils of ‘religion’ and praising the benefits of a ‘secular’ society. The event was hailed as the ‘Woodstock for atheists and sceptics’.

The line-up, according to various online sources, included such reprobates as Eddie Izzard, the transvestite and alleged comedian; television host and all-round anti-White worm Bill Maher; Tim Minchin, who appears to be some kind of mascara wearing hipster and (again) alleged comedian (of whom, I must confess, I had never seen or heard of before viewing a certain video clip promoting this rally); that big mouthed, oversized, irritating illusionist Penn Jillette (who should keep to his day job in my opinion), various politicians, social commentators and many other so-called ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’ celebrities from the world of entertainment.

And, of course, keynote speaker, the author of ‘The God Delusion’ and ‘lion’ of the ‘atheist movement’, was none other than Richard Dawkins himself. All rejoiced that they were ‘winning the battle’ for hearts and minds in the name of atheism.

This event had been promoted on the web for quite a while (with activists offering a chance to win a three course meal with Richard Dawkins, etc.), so I had been aware of it for the last couple of months, though quite honestly I tried to ignore it. But after watching a nauseating – yet breathtakingly laughable – presentation on YouTube, where many of these nerdy, weak looking specimens (activists and supporters) showed such emphatic optimism for their ‘unholy cause’ (a cause that is, I believe, surely *doomed to failure*), I couldn’t resist expressing my thoughts to these people:

About how they are completely delusional if they think they could ‘win the battle’ against ‘religious crazies’, especially with a one world, pro-deviancy world view that encourages all the scum of the third world to proliferate, invade former-White homelands, bringing with them the ‘gods of their far-off lands’ (namely Islam), their superstitions, their prejudices, their diseases and – worst of all – contaminating our precious White gene pool with their filthy seed…

How many of the participants at this event (both the crowd and the speakers) appeared to be the kind of degenerates that most normal, decent people frown upon and are disgusted by. Or if they are not disgusted, they certainly do not feel comfortable having their agendas rammed down their throats…

And of course, how broadcasting themselves as the epitome of progressive thinking – despite promoting degenerative lifestyles, race-mixing etc. – would surely anger many people.

I argued that such a mentality was intentionally divisive and would undoubtedly lead more traditionalist and moral minded people to side with the ‘religious crazies’, whether they are into spook chasing or not.

That inevitably provoked a barrage of foulmouthed responses from these ‘disciples of reason’. Predictably, the rabid – frothing at the mouth -hyenas, that we might call ‘militant (social-marxist) atheists,’ shouted me down with their usual invective and down-thumbed my comments into oblivion.

However, truly, it does seem that these people are – guided, of course, by the largely ‘chosen’ intellectuals – happy to stoke the flames of such dissension, which their activism will inevitably lead to.

So, remind me again, how on earth do these people intend to prevail? Both in this sea of racial madness and their obnoxious posturing? Sounds like a recipe for disaster – and even genocide to me.

Regarding the ‘humanist atheist’ argument that ‘all religion’ has a detrimental effect on a society, I cannot help but disagree. We must remember, religion and the affinity of mankind for religion is an inborn trait with which Nature has endowed us, and is inbred in our genes. Obviously if we are talking about the Abrahamic religions (the favourite and most unchallenging punchbag of the atheist), such as parasitic Judaism (detrimental to us!), race-mixing Islam and suicidal (‘love your enemies’, ‘give all you have to the poor’) Christianity, then, of course, there would be little argument and I would have to agree, they are bad religions – especially for White people, the only people I am concerned about.

However, if we are talking about a *Racial Religion*, such as the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion *Creativity* – which is based on the eternal laws of Nature, history, logic and common sense – and whose adherents strive for the redemption and resurrection (‘survival, expansion and advancement’) of the White race, then clearly it is a benign and beneficial religion – again, for White people, that is.

Religion is like fire – it can be both evil or it can be benevolent, depending on how you use it. Or as the Great Founder of Creativity, Ben Klassen, put it:

‘Religion, like fire, is a powerful force, but, like fire, it can be either constructive or destructive depending on how it is used, by whom, and on whom.’

Actually, it can be argued that the fanatical (‘humanist’) atheism, as espoused by the likes of Sam Harris, Eddie Izzard, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry and the many entertainers, comedians and other celebrities, is every bit the bad ‘religion’ that they so fervently seek to overthrow. They are certainly as dogmatic as any other religion, even though its adherents claim to be ‘free thinkers’.

So though I think we White Loyalists can agree with the ‘atheists’ that the spooks in the sky is a lot of piffle – and Richard Dawkins indeed lays the argument out so eruditely in ‘The God Delusion’ – that is where our similarities end. The world view of these people is dominated largely by (Jewish) ‘humanism’, which is – to put it mildly – completely at odds, is hostile to the racial loyalist position, even though many of those who identify as ‘humanists’ may actually agree with us (at least behind closed doors) on the issue of racial differences and so forth.

As these people do not embrace the racial loyalist position – let alone even come close to addressing the ‘chosen’ question – they are doomed to failure regardless of how flawless and ‘reasoned’ their argument about the non-existence of spooks and the supernatural. In fact, this entire so-called ‘reason’ movement is completely dominated by Jews and Jewish thought. To confirm this, one only has to type in ‘The 25 Most Influential Living Atheists’ or the ‘FFRF honour board’ into the Google search engine. There you will see a practical Jewish wedding of academics – who are all (rather strangely one might think – at least to the uninitiated) intensely proud of their Jewishness. Those that are not Jewish will be completely under the influence of the chosen tribe and the most fanatical apologists for them. And that is only scratching the surface.

So in conclusion, it is plain to see that the ‘atheists’ are never going to succeed in converting, for example, the masses of the muslim world to their way of thinking. Actually, it is clear that the more non-whites (especially the more primitive variety) that enter former White (‘western’) countries, the more prevalent and powerful such backward religions as Islam and Christianity become. So they will never be able to tackle these vital issues, whether it be spook craft, militant Islam or anything else – unless they come to grips with that most urgent issue of all – the issue of race! That and the Jewish question. Until these ‘atheists’ see through Jewish lies – and that is looking like a near impossibility, so befuddled are they – they will continue to be led by the nose into pointless, phoney causes. So extinction it is.

What we White people of the world actually need is not humanist atheism – as espoused by Dawkins, Sam Harris, the now deceased Christopher Hitchens (etc.) and their largely degenerate and befuddled fan base – or even a nationalist political ideology. What we most desperately need is a *Racial Religion* of our own. That racial religion is *Creativity.*

With our religion, Creativity, we have no desire to convert the masses of the third world to our way of thinking. In fact, they have *absolutely* no place in our future – not if we can help it. We seek only to spread the gospel of White Racial Loyalty to White people and White people exclusively, wherever they may live upon the face of this planet. We also have no interest in promoting sexual deviancy or any other immoral and degenerative lifestyle. What we promote is simply healthy White families, up-breeding of the White Race through eugenics and all round Salubrious Living.

If we can take anything from the ‘militant atheists’, it is – dare we say – their religious zeal. They are fanatical in promoting their ideas, degenerate or otherwise. We must do likewise. We must be tireless. We must be assiduous, dogged and indefatigable in promoting the holy message of White Racial Loyalty. If we do not do this – quite simply – *we are doomed!* We will be condemned to the scrapheap of evolution along with these muddleheaded ‘atheists’.

‘We now have a religion of our own, a White Man’s religion, established for the survival of the White Race, for the White Man’s benefit. It is called Creativity. Since religion is like fire, let us make sure we utilize ours to burn down the treacherous facade that is being used against us, and to fuel our own engines to steamroller the Jews and other mud races out of our culture.’ (Ben Klassen – On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War.)

Read Natures Eternal Religion today and embrace *your* racial religion – Creativity.

-Written by Bro. James Mac

Survival: Priceless

Life is a struggle and the sole fundamental of existence is survival. All creatures are put to the test. Nature tells each to survive and the ends justify the means in doing so. Indeed, the top priority in Nature is to take care of your own. In the matter of survival, regardless of the cost in surviving as well as regardless of the consequences to enemies, it is not the price that should necessarily be worried about, as you must do whatever it takes and gladly pay the price because to accomplish the goal is a tremendous bargain at any price. There is no substitute for victory. Survival is priceless. Let us keep our eye on the target: the survival, expansion and advancement of our White Race.

Questions for Thought:
1. In which ways can life be said to be a struggle?
2. Why is the principle of existing survival?
3. Do you think that sacrifice for one grand priority is worthwhile?
4. Why is being for the best interests of your race a positive thing?

Superior Ideals

“What is Good for the White Race is the Highest Virtue and what is Bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin!”

This normative statement makes up the Golden Rule of the Creativity religion. Take a few seconds to think about why Ben Klassen chose that as the central rule of Creativity. Also think about why this is the best course to be following in life. Don’t be individualistic in the pursuit either, understand that you are part of an organic collective entity and you must work with and within that entity, that race which you belong to. We are not of our own but of many. Races are natural groupings that all are part of. We the members of the White Race, having been born to the White Race, must make the best of it and be for the best interests of our White Race. It is as simple as that. Now on to morality and what not.

The most basic word is “good”. An action is judged “right” or “wrong” depending on whether or not it is a “good” or “bad” thing to do. Before we can talk about moral values you need to know what we mean by this term. Actions cannot be right or wrong unless you know what we mean by goodness. But can it be defined?

Well, one could try to define “good” in absolute terms (that something is good in itself) or in relative terms (that it is good in its particular context). One can also define it in terms of what it can achieve- so an action is “good” (and right) if the results of that action are “good”. This would be a utilitarian assessment at least.

Aristotle argued that something was “good” if it fulfilled its purpose. On this theory, a good knife is one that cuts well; a good plant is one that grows strong and healthy. This formed the basis of what is called the “natural law” approach to the mainstream study of ethics. According to this, everything has a natural purpose in life, and actions are right or wrong depending on whether or not they contribute to the fulfilling of that purpose. We tend to agree. Read the chapter “The Purpose of Life” in Nature’s Eternal Religion for more on that.

A Creator believes that something is “good” if it is of benefit to the individual and their race. A believer in a monotheistic religion may say that “good” is what their deity approves, and take a particular “revelation” (a chapter from the Christian Bible for example) as the norm for understanding goodness. Another may take a particular experience, or the life of a religious leader, as the starting point for understanding the “good” life. The meaning of the word good will therefore depend, in part, on the source of the values that are called “good” and that is not something on which everyone will automatically agree even though if a simple rule is kept in mind, it is all much easier.

There are two important distinctions to be made when defining “good”. A definition can be subjective or objective (based on your own personal preferences, or based on external, social or legal facts). It can also be relative or absolute (depending on individual or cultural circumstances, or something that should apply to everyone everywhere.) We believe that something which is good for one race usually isn’t good for another race. For instance, quotas for non-Whites to get hired before Whites is good for the non-Whites but bad for the Whites in that case. We draw the line and state that while racial loyalty is an absolute moral, good and bad need to be defined according to race. If something helps your race survive, expand and advance, it is good for your race and therefore worthy of pursuit. If it is bad for your race and weakens it or has the potential to bring about its demise, don’t do it because it is bad.

With that all in mind, if you have any questions, we would have to refer you to our holy books, Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s Bible. Buy them from http://www.SaveWhitePeople.com for $20.00 each!


Ninth-Day Fast!

Creativity is a religion that is based on the idea of a sound mind in a sound body in a sound society in a sound environment. As such, we have a religious health philosophy known as “Salubrious Living” that outlines a way in which to reach superior health. One of the main doctrines of that includes fasting. Fasting is nowhere out of the ordinary. Indeed, the main religions of the world themselves all believe in fasting and hold it as a doctrine as well. However, where Creators and the rest break off is that we hold a frugitarian/vegetarian diet as being the proper diet for human beings. It is not mandatory at all for any Creator to follow such a diet however, and it would be hard to follow it in totality, but we do believe in the future that we would be able to make it so easy as to make it be able to be followed by the majority of their own free will. Part of that involves preserving our precious topsoil, what the White Man’s Bible also addresses.

Ben Klassen noted that fasting is very effective in restoring and maintaining excellent health, that it detoxifies and revitalizes the body and also that we are overfed yet undernourished as a people. He also held to the radical belief that all medicines are in fact poisons as they are alien to the body and that vitamin and mineral supplemants are not the answer. He also believed and held to the idea that fasting is far superior to the orthodox medical approach of “cut, burn and poison.” It helps to get rid of our pet ailments such as allergies, headaches, constipation and other things, he maintained. As to how all of this occurs, and how the body is detoxified, it is because the body draws upon the natural reserves of the body. Calories for example are stored units of energy, and when your daily calorie intake is lowered, the body draws upon your stored fat. It is only when all of these different reserves are used up that actual starvation begins.

Klassen stated that routine practice of fasting is a positive thing, citing the Mormons for example, and their monthly practice of fasting. Reading chapter nine of the White Man’s Bible, you can learn more about what Klassen had to say about fasting. It is my intended purpose to start making fasting a reality, a routine practice for all Creators and White Racial Loyalists as it should be. In honor of Creative Credo #9, I propose that we fast the 9th day of every month starting from 12:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. The Mormons have a similar practice, and now so do Creators. Klassen’s ideas are become reality. So what I propose for the 9th of this month is the participation of Creators in a fast. A fast is where absolutely no food is eaten and only moderate amounts of pure water are drunk. It is part of our ideology. Ideology without action is sterile. Lets make it vibrant.

For a Whiter and Brighter World,

Survival or Extinction?

The ultimate penalty in Nature’s realm is extinction, and the White Race is going that path for failure to obey Nature’s laws. The most basic of all of Nature’s laws is survival. Keep this in mind. If you will in your spare time, read the very first chapter of the book Nature’s Eternal Religion titled “The Laws of Nature are Eternal.” If you don’t feel like reading, there are several audios by Creators online with the text read aloud.

Now, it is true that the Jewish people have not contributed that much to the world outside that of their ideas. This is self-admitted by the most orthodox of the Jews themselves. Indeed, the Jewish religion states that the Jews are here as a piece of “God” on earth and are not really meant for a lot more than leadership and rulership over the planet, more or less. This is fundamental Judaism 101. Like the irrestistable college students who spouts all sorts of beautiful theories and idealistic claptrap, once out of the protective subsidization of their parents, these stary-eyed individuals soon change their tunes when forced to make their own way in the real world, our race needs to have it’s thinking straightened out. We have been confused, defused and abused in so many ways. Now, some may state that a racially-mixed America is the reality and we need to live with it. Such simply isn’t the case. We have every moral right to oppose and fight against what we believe to be wrong, and indeed, many a person using that argument also state that if we don’t like it that we have the option of moving elsewhere. Now, we won’t be defeated. This whole nation is ours, from sea to shining sea. Indeed, the whole planet is ours. The earth belongs to those who can keep and maintain it. We recognize flat out that the races are natural enemies or natural competitors at least, and there is hardly any actual situation in which both races can benefit permanently. This really isn’t a win-win situation at all. It is win-lose, and we want the White Race to be the winners in the game obviously and most definitely, with much simplicity. The key term is racial loyalty.

The White Race has by far the most to lose. The White Race is Nature’s Elite. The White Race is the Creator of all civilization and the Creator of all the great and worthwhile values that have been produced in the last several thousand years. We must save ourselves. No one else will. Any race that can’t maintain itself or cannot hold it’s own will go extinct. We can hold our own. We are very able and have ample resources. Not only are we able to hold our own in productivity, but we squander so much aid to the non-White races that it makes you think what we could really accomplish with them off of our backs. Just think for a minute, brothers and sisters, how much more we would get out of life, in a productive society, free from the scourge that is the non-White races! There are four steps. First, we must stop all non-White immigration into White lands. Second, we deport the non-Whites currently in White lands. Third, we cut off all aid, and I do mean all aid to non-White nations. And, fourth, we essentially colonize the world so that we occupy all of the good lands on the planet.

Now, I would have you read the first chapter of the White Man’s Bible titled “Beautiful Society Our Goal” after reading the other chapter listed in the first paragraph. With it, one can begin to grasp the positivity of our movement and the cause that is represented, the cause of White Racial Loyalty. Make no mistake. We do not propose a supernatural solution to the problems at hand. Instead, we propose a down-to-earth, realistic, and practical approach. Learn all about it by reading the White Man’s Bible. Have you ordered your copy yet?

Who benefits?

Living in today’s world, we can sometimes get sidetracked as to what is truly important. There are false teachings and values that are being spread about that what is most important in this world is one’s self, that an individual should live for themselves and live like there is no tomorrow, i.e. be decadent. The White Race is confused. In this age where a White woman’s “children” are her pets and effeminate men are not able, capable or willing to take it upon themselves to be true to their gender and in essence “be men,” many false ideas go along with it, building up the sickness that is already existent and adding to the destructive flame.

As White Racial Loyalists, we know that we can’t be selfish. We know that we need to be selfless individuals, or “Men Against Time.” Our first priority is our race, and rightly so, as the concept is not only easy to understand once it is explained, but it is highly logical as well. One key thing that any WRL can do is spread the basic ideology of what they follow, White Racial Loyalty, and also awaken our fellow brothers and sisters so that they can become aware as to what is happening. Indeed, the truth is always right. The truth is on our side. It is moral to tell the truth, and lo and behold may truth be told.

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying: “There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.” We believe such as well and are proud to be participants and partisans for our beloved people. As we proselytize and preach our message to the White world without reservation, we have that “baptism of fire” to continue to do so, to give it our all and then some. We know that we are helping our people out, and we know that we are bringing them over to better understanding of the world around them. We have something what they don’t have. We know stuff that they don’t know. That is why it behooves us to do what we can to let them know what we know so they too have knowledge of it as we do. By spreading our White Racial Loyalist “gospel” around the world, we are instilling our ideas into the minds of our people. We do not react to what our race is facing with horror and being still and merely contemplating, but rather use it to further inspire ourselves to do our duty in this holy war for our people. Ideology, any ideology without action is sterile.

There is the idea among the antis that we somehow benefit out of what we do, or that we seek to do what we do for benefit. In this materialistic world that we live in, we could expect such a conclusion, how such isn’t so. While some Racialists may be motivated due to personal reasons, that is not the case for the vast majority. We understand for instance that we need to have a team effort, and if for example, one is motivated by purely personal interests, there wouldn’t be complete team effort. No, we are not motivated by personal interests. We are motivated because we love our people, because we wish to have our children live in a better world than the one that exists today. We fight this fight for our people because we have a love for them, because we have a love for culture and civilization, and for our home, Planet Earth. It may be further added that any people who are not allowed their own nations, schools, organizations and other vital organizational organs exclusively for their people and their people’s best interests, they are victims of a passive form of genocide. Some times it is forced brutally, as occurred in the forced integration of White schools in Boston and other cities at gun point, which according to the UN constitutes a form of genocide as per “Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. “

Both sides benefit. Both the papers that write slanderous articles about us, and we as well collectively. Obviously we don’t gain personally, as we know it can be and is tough to be a “heretic” in these latter-days so to speak. That is truly what we are, and we are glad to at least know that we were right, that our message is and always been right, that not only are we right, but one day we will win as long as we follow the “2-D” formula of Ben Klassen, dedication and determination.

Bottom line is that the White Race is on a dark road into oblivion and it needs to get off of it. Some non-racial Whites and even some blacks, when confronted with the fact that the White Race is on the verge of extinction state that we need to have more kids, or as one Liberal put it recently “then go forth and multiply.” Well, all I can say is that we are already ahead of the game in that regard, and it is one of our commandments to have as many children as possible.

Until next time,

Bro. Wayne

Jewish Survival and the Power of Religion (Part One)

First and foremost, it is my testimony that Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s Bible are must-reads for the White Race. Secondly, I would urge any person to read those two books for themselves and check it all out. See if the information presented truly is factual. I certainly believe it is.

Now, what exactly do we believe and what do the Jews believe? We believe that the White Race is “Nature’s Finest.” Creativity teaches that no deity exists. The Jews however believe that they are a piece of “God” on earth. They believe that a Jew is a unique creation, so the “soul” of a Jew is inherently and basically different than the soul of a non-Jew. They don’t believe that the Jew’s soul is even a “creation” but rather a part of God. They believe that whereas the “souls” of non-Jews were a creation coming from their deity’s voice, the Jew’s “soul” originated and continues to originate from “God’s” thoughts.

They are told to love fellow Jews as themselves. Their unwritten “golden rule” is more or less: “What is good for the Jews is good and what is bad for the Jews is bad.” Charity to a fellow Jew is deemed far more important than charity to a non-Jew. They believe that they are to treat other Jews as Divine beings. In other words, when a poor person comes to a Jew and asks for something to eat, the Jew is actually lowering himself, they believe, to give the poor person a meal, because this is not his field. A non-Jew gives charity and a Jew gives charity. But they are doing two different things, Judaism teaches. A Jew is a “godly being” sent to this world on a mission. That mission is leadership. One of their duties is to proclaim to the world that all of humanity is a “single family,” descended supposedly from one human being, the “handiwork of one God,” all charged with building a world of “harmony” and “peace.” Creativity on the other hand states that not only is there one big “human family” but that the races are natural enemies, or natural competitors to say the least. Creativity is for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race alone.

It’s not an exaggeration that although Jews are less than 2% of the general population in the US, at the same time they are over 40% of all the cults, of all the searching, of all the revolutions and upheavals and changes that take place in the world. Jews are at the forefront of every “humanitarian” organization, plenty of which help the non-Whites survive, and expand and crowd us off the planet. That is also a fact. Now as to the argument that there are “good” Jews as well as “bad” Jews, Creativity states that a Jew is a Jew, period. Even Judaism recognizes this. It doesn’t matter if a Jew’s personal religious conviction is weak or they are trying to assimilate into a host society, a Jew is still regarded as a member of the “tribe.” This is a fact.

Creativity states that the Jews survived the last several thousand years due to their racial religion. The Jews more or less recognize this as well. From the Jewish point of view: The main (and perhaps only) link which unites the dispersed and scattered Jewish people throughout its dispersion, regardless of time, is their Torah and mitzvot (commandments), or in other words, their religion, the Jewish way of life which has remained basically the same throughout the ages and in every place. The conclusion is clear and beyond doubt: It is their Torah and mitzvot which has made their people indestructible in the face of massacres and pogroms aimed at their “physical destruction,” and in the face of ideological onslaughts of foreign cultures aimed at their “spiritual destruction.” An objective, unprejudiced survey of the long history of the Jewish people will at once bring to light the fact that it was not material wealth, nor physical strength, that helped them to survive in totality. Nor was it any common secular culture that preserved their people since that changed radically from one era to another. The one and only common factor which has been present with Jews throughout the ages in all lands and under all circumstances was the Jewish religion which laws Jews have observed tenaciously in their daily life.

There is nothing wrong with us believing that the White Race is “Nature’s Finest.” There is nothing wrong with us wanting the White Race to survive, expand and advance. There is nothing wrong with us wanting to make this a Whiter world either, as I am sure that the Jews would just love the world to be a bit more Jewish, and I am sure the various Asian countries would love to get as much of the pie as possible. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. We must also unite under one common religion (Creativity). Even if you don’t agree with the last statement, reading Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s Bible will do you no harm. Won’t you purchase a copy of the White Man’s Bible today?

-Bro. Wayne


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