Primary Group Structure and Membership


First and foremost, any White person who reads the Holy Books of Creativity and believes in them and follows the general teachings contained within them and such is a Creator. To seek membership with us one must reside in the Blue Water Area (St. Clair County) and must be willing to attend any and all church functions and generally do their part in proselytizing and promoting the religion. To sum it up, membership with the Blue Water Primary Group is free. Get in contact with us and let us know of your decision to covert to our positive, inspiring, life-affirming religion. If one resides in Michigan (or elsewhere) but out of reach of the Blue Water Area, they are strongly encouraged to either form their own Primary Group or join with an already existing one. This is part of the program in itself.

“Active people on the streets are of far more worth than names of inactive people on a membership list.”
-Rev. Wayne

Take test here, to help determine if you are ready to call yourself an adherent of Creativity.

Our common interest as Creators is twofold: one, to spread the good word of the life-affirming faith of Creativity through the materials that have been presented to us by our founding father, the late-great Ben Klassen. Second, to reach out and win our people back through the emphasis of community based activism and social correspondence; to organize, mobilize and manifest destiny by implementing within our people a sense of pride, dignity, purpose, self-sufficiency and most of all – Racial Identity.


Where does one start?
Each Creator should start by becoming thoroughly familiar with Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s Bible. Essentially, read the holy books and believe them and recite the Five Fundamental Beliefs of Creativity and follow the 16 Commandments.

What is the second step?
After one has become somewhat well-versed in Creativity’s Creed and Program, they should get to introducing our ideas through leaflets, newsletters and books to as many relatives, friends and acquaintances as possible.

What is the third step?
The third step ties into the second step and the third step is to convert another person over to Creativity. Each Creator should find at least one other sympathetic White person and organize a Primary Group.

What is a Primary Group?
Primary Groups are the “basic organizational cells of the Church of the Creator.” They consist of a minimum of two persons, optimum five persons, and maximum ten persons.

Why is five the suggested best (optimum) number to have within a Primary Group?
The whole purpose of a Primary Group is to be a closely-knit team, based upon familiarity, trust and frequent interraction. Studies show that groups with more than five numbers tend to have less familiarity, trust and interaction.

Who can organize a Primary Group?
Every Creator has a right and a duty to organize a Primary Group (or increase an existing one) by converting at least one White person to the White Racial Religion-Creativity.

Who selects the leader of the Primary Group?
Members of each Primary Group select a leader among themselves.

What is the suggested way to resolved conflicts within a Primary Group?
Each member of a PG can leave it and form a new PG. Like all living cells, Primary Groups have to grow and divide and multiply, yet remain within the same body-the Ecclesia Creatoris (Church of the Creator in Latin).


2 thoughts on “Primary Group Structure and Membership

    1. Our religion teaches that the White Race is the finest achievement of Nature. We believe that a people convinced of their own uniqueness have a better chance of survival. What you desperately need to do is read Nature’s Eternal Religion and The White Man’s Bible, our two holy books. Thanks for your time.

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