Ordained Minister

The Elite of the Elite – The Creator Minister

The Ordained Minister of Creativity is among the elite of our religion. He (or she) has shown himself to be well-versed in all of the facets of our powerful pro-White Faith and has pledged his life towards the fulfilment of the mission of Creativity. Creativity expects no less from its ministers, for it knows that the success of Creativity and the salvation of generations of White people yet born depends in no small part on the quality and commitment of those who become ministers in our religion.

The Ordained Minister must know Creativity inside and out, and be ready to preach it to the whole White world, without reservation. He must always exhibit high character and respect and should inspire reverence among his fellows.

He must refrain from any activity or conduct which would reflect poorly on Creativity, and this must be the case twenty-four hours a day, for he is a representative of Creativity twenty-four hours a day.

Through his commitment to our great Cause as well as his extensive knowledge of Creativity gleaned through study of Nature’s Eternal Religion and The White Man’s Bible, the Ordained Minister is a natural leader amongst his fellow Creators. As such, becoming an Ordained Minister means that he will be actively beginning his own ministry in his area.

Rev. Lombardi statue bust.

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