Our Holy Books

Mission Statement

“We are most pleased that you have found yourself in front of a computer screen perusing the teachings of our World Church of the Creator–the fastest growing organization in the world that preaches the religion of Creativity. The books that are available here will truly change your way of thinking for the better and will give you hope and confidence for the future!

At first glance, the prospect of possibly changing one’s religious beliefs may seem a daunting one. After all, many of us were raised a particular way and quite naturally have come to accept the belief that that particular way is right and just. However, if the truth leads one to a different conclusion, we owe it to the truth to accept that different conclusion. Otherwise, we will have embraced a falsehood and the world will suffer as a consequence.

You may be interested to know that for we adherents of the Creativity religion, almost every one of us are former Christians. We changed our minds on Christianity because with these books, the Holy Books of Creativity, presented with ample evidence that Christianity is not the truth and that it, Creativity, is a better religion. We are absolutely confident that you will feel the same and look forward with great enthusiasm putting these wonderful books into your blessed hands.”

For A Better World,
Rev. Matt Hale

Before we get started, you can download all of the Holy Books of Creativity at the following link, and more! Click here!

READ the Three Main Texts of Our Religion!
Click below images to be taken to pdfs, or scroll to the bottom to be taken to
HTML and text versions and other forms of viewing. Thanks!


Listen to Chapter One of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, read by a fellow Creator.

Click above image to be taken to
the “Creator Holy Books” blog.

Click above banner to be taken to some of the central
writings of Reverend Kenneth Molyneaux.

HTML/Text Version
Click here.

HTML/Text Version
Click here.

Nature’s Eternal Religion/Večné Náboženstvo Prírody (SLOVAK)

If you wish to inform others about the holy books of Creativity, here is a tract sheet that will help in your efforts!


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